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the man accused in her murder answered his plea. anthony lamar jones made a brief appearance with his arms shackled to his waist. his public defender pled not guilty on his behalf to the charge of murder with special circumstances that include kidnapping, rape and lewd and lascivious act on a child under the age of 14. that means he is eligible for the death penalty. she disappeared january 31st. the next morning, her naked body was found. eric ray made that horrific discovery and made the promise to attend all other court proceedings to make sure justice gets served for janell. >> he doesn't look like a monster. but what he did -- and i had all these thoughts going through my mind like what terror she must
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have felt before he killed her. she probably knew she was going to die. and to think, it was a 13-year-old girl. it's having a negative impact on me. >> he was a well-kept, to himself guy. talk sports, little things like that. but you never know anything about anybody. >> reporter: that was kevin gay, who is also in court this morning because he wanted to lay eyes onts man he knew from trips to the barber. police investigating the case were there to show support for janell but it doesn't appear any of her family were in attendance. jones waived his right to a speedy preliminary hearing. janell conway allen will be buried at 1:00 here in benecia. reporting live, bob redell, nbc bay area news. also new this morning, police and sheriff's deputies in santa clara county asking for you help trying to track down a serial bank robber.
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investigators say this man has hit five different banks in the last month. he's being described as a white male about 35 years old between 5'6" and 6'0". anybody with information on the case is asked to please call san jose police, santa clara police or the santa clara county sheriff's office. expected in court today, the santa clara man accused of making death threats against state senator leland yee. yee says basham sent him an e-mail threatening to kill him if he did not stop his efforts against gun violence. chp officers say when they searched basham's home, they found dangerous materials used to make explosives. we have new details this morning surrounding a deadly shooting and a car crash in las vegas that completely shuts down the busiest part of that famous strip. we're now learning the
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intersection featuring caesar's palace and the bellagio will be shut down for most of the day. there was a shootout between two vehicles. police say a maserati and a black suv were stopped at a red light when somebody started firing a gun. the two cars then sped through the red light. the maserati slammed into a taxi. the taxi burst into flames instantly killing a passenger and that driver. and that started a chain reaction. ended with five cars involved. police say the black suv involved in that shooting managed just to speed away. olympian oscar pistorius will return to court tomorrow for day four of his bail hearing, this as a lead investigator in this case is dropped because he is facing attempted murder charges of his own. police say detective hilton botha is scheduled to appear in court in may on seven counts of attempted murder related to a shooting in 2011.
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the prosecution in the pistorius hearing said they were unaware of the charges against the detective when they put him on the stand in court to testify against pistorius. we've also learned that nike has suspended its contract with pistorius. the company says it believes pistorius should be afforded due process and will monitor the situation closely. on monday, eyewear maker oakley also suspended its contract with pistorius. on capitol hill, president obama may be joining the efforts to overturn california's ban on same-sex marriage. this morning, the white house says the president is considering urging the u.s. supreme court to overturn proposition 8. the president has expressed his support for gay marriage saying his administration would do whatever it could to promote marriage equality. this morning in san francisco, we spoke to one of the original plaintiffs involved in the california case for marriage equality. stewart gaffney says he and his partner married back in 2008 and
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have dedicated their relationship to the cause. >> we've actually spent a lot of our married life working for the freedom to marry. we think it's the best way the honor our wedding vows, to work for the right for everyone to be able to say "i do." and in the year 2013, we're really hoping this country makes up its mind and says once and for all that all americans deserve equal marriage rights under the law. >> the obama administration has until the end of the month to intervene in this case by filing a friend of the court brief. the u.s. supreme courts will take up this case sometime next month. investigators are trying to figure out how a man ended up dead at the montgomery b.a.r.t. station in san francisco. they found the man while conducting a welfare check on many people sleeping on the concourse level. they say the man was not breathing. an officer tried to revive him. but the man was promounounced d
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at the scene. uc berkeley police this morning searching for three teenage girls wanted for attacking two women near the cal campus. police say the girls assaulted those victims on dwight way near prospect street. that is just south of the main campus. this happened friday night. they say both women were sprayed in the face with a toxic substance, possibly pepper spray. one was punched and knocked to the ground. the teens allegedly tried to rob those victims but a man intervened and the suspects then took off getting into a white dodge charger. we can report to you, the victims were not seriously hurt. a massive tent city in san jose filled with homeless people has been getting bigger and bigger. and now that city is gearing up to clear everybody out. the makeshift encampment is located on spring street between taylor and heading streets. the city says it's now grown to have at least 100 people living there.
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nbc bay area's arturo santiago is live there this morning. arturo, you had the chance to talk to some of these people. what's the plan for where they'll be heading after the encampment? >> reporter: a lot of them just plain don't know, jon. the number of homeless who are currently living in this field off of spring street, the number only keeps growing in the last few weeks. so much so that the city's decided to take deliberate action to move out the encampment. dozens of tents are scattered throughout the field. the population of the tent city has grown to more than so100. the goal is to have this tent city gone by the end of the first week in march. the city's nonprofit organizations have been reaching out to the homeless camping in the area, offering them sources for alternative shelter. this population explosion, if you will, seems to have happened shortly after homeless camps were cleared away from areas around the guadalupe river back in january.
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a number of the homeless here tell me they were told to set up camp in this particular field. >> they specifically told us to come here, specifically they said, go to the field. they said, you can't be by the water. go to the field. so we packed up all our stuff and came to the field. we've been here three weeks, maybe a month. >> not trying to break any rules. if you just tell us where to go, i'm more than willing to go there. >> reporter: the land is owned by the city of san jose and the san jose airport. mayor chuck reid says the people are trespassing and is concerned they do not have any sanitary facilities and that the city cannot have people living in unsanitary conditions. most of the people we talked to are aware they have to be gone by the end of the first week in march and at least the people we talked to, again, just don't know where they're going to be going next. live in san jose, i'm arturo santiago, nbc bay area news.
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still ahead, a recall warning for a popular cereal. what you need to know about special k. good morning and greetings from scottsdale. i'm laurence scott. coming up, we talk with the reigning national league mvp, buster posey, about the season to come. it all starts right here in spring. it's coming up in just a bit. we're going to have a rush for gold over at apple coming up in business news. and hold on your hats and skirts today. the winds are picking up. where they'll be the strongest. the weekend is just around the corner. we'll have your full forecast when nbc bay area news at 11:00 a.m. comes right back.
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a little heads-up here. kellogg's recalling one of its popular breakfast cereals, affecting 36,000 boxes of special k red berries cereal. the company says the boxes could
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contain dangerous glass fragments. among the affected products, 11.2 ounce retail packages with the date stamp of december 2, 2013. 37 ounce club store packages with the stamp by november 30 of 2013. and 22.4 ounce twin packs with november 30th, 2013. if you have one of these box, please return it to the store or call the company for a replacement coupon. turning to business news, scott mcgrew tells us about a plan to storm the castle and take the gold. >> forgive me. it's really about shareholders voting on a preferred stock plan to share dividends. that's boring. but it's the same thing. the castle in this story is apple. apple is sitting on about $150 billion in cash, money that one investor, this die, david einhorn, says should be passed back to the shareholders. right this minute, he's on the phone, on the web talking to
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those investors about his plan to convince apple to release that money. apple has its shareholders meeting next week. hewlett-packard reports its financials today. we don't expect much. no major announcements or anything. no layoffs or other chaos. we can kind of the expect the expected. we're keeping a careful eye on tesla this morning. the dow industrials down 88 points. the s&p 500 down about 13. tesla's had some trouble, as you know, jon, it turned in its financials yesterday. had a bigger loss than expected. although they're making cars faster than they did before. that's a good sign. >> scott, thanks. california's most famous cycle event is looking for volunteers. registration to volunteer for the 2013 amgen tour of california opens up today. organizers are looking for 5,000 volunteers to help with the 750-mile course.
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that race starts may 12th and ones until the 19th. the race, it runs in eight stages starting in escondido and ends up in santa rosa. we are just two days away from the giants' first cactus league game. >> that is right. the national league mvp says he's ready to play ball. laurence scott is in scottsdale, arizona. he got buster posey's take on spring training. >> reporter: thank you. we're here in scottsdale where the giants are getting set for cactus league play in the coming days. and you want to look at buster posey, the reigning national league mvp. four teams passing over him in the 2008 draft. don't you think they wish they had that over again? right now, we're seeing one of the best players in baseball doing his thing, night in, night out. it all starts right here in spring. take a look. buster posey's impact on the success of the giants goes without question. and as one of the team's leaders, coming off an mvp season capped by yet another
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world series title, he knows well the rituals of spring start the process of being ready for opening day. >> it feels good. it's nice to have the whole squad out here now, doing live b.p., which is not really the hitter's favorite thing to do, facing your own pitchers. >> reporter: what a difference a year can make here in scottsdale between spring trainings. >> for me, it's especially different. last year, i was answering questions about my injury from the year before. so it's nice to kind of have that will past me a little bit. but for the most part, you're just trying to do the same thing as you did last spring, get prepared for the season. >> reporter: a season that will have all of the competition circling the dates that the giants come to town. >> we know we have our work cut out for us in the division. the diamondbacks are a team that can get really hot and play good baseball.
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i think they play the game the right way. you have the dodgers who have loaded up over the past year. even the rockies are a team -- and padres. you just don't know. i think it's a division that's probably overlooked a lot because a lot of our games are being played at 10:15 on the east coast and a lot of people don't see us. but there's a lot of talent. >> reporter: again, it all begins this process of getting ready for the competition that's to come during the regular season during cactus league play, saturday right here at scottsdale stadium, the giants host the angels to get things going. back to you in the studio. >> play ball. thank you very much. this morning, i started off my day wearing my uggs. now i have my nice high heels on. >> sharp. >> that means the weather's warmer outside, christina loren. >> and you know they're red on the bottom as well. good morning. a good-looking day shaping up. she's right on point. as you can see, camera shaking around a little bit here in san francisco.
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the winds are picking up. it's still rather comfortable, though, even with a bit of a windchill factor. look at your temperatures. 58 degrees in oakland. right now at 51 in san jose. and 55 degrees in sunnyvale. on our way to the low to mid-60s. you can clearly see the winds have picked up substantially. sustained wind speed at 13 miles per hour. that's pretty strong for san jose. 25 miles per hour for fairfield and winds are going to continue to pick up throughout the day. futurecast tells the story. at about 4:00 p.m., winds will be at their strongest, mostly at the coast. marin county coastline is going to be blustery. gusts to 40 miles per hour plus. keep that in mind. otherwise, a pretty good-looking day out there. 60 in livermore. 59 in san jose. on our way to 59 degrees in san francisco. staying nice and mild on friday. there is a storm system that's going to try to move into the bay area, breaking apart before it is able to on friday. however, high pressure breaks down as we head through late friday into saturday morning.
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might get a few straight showers up in the north bay. what will happen, more clouds will increase and we'll drop your temperatures off for saturday as well. if you're making outdoor plans for the weekend, much better bet on sunday as high pressure regains momentum. we have a lot of sunshine on the way. temps are going to climb into the mid to upper 60s. a beautiful weekend shaping up, especially on sunday. saturday it's not going to be that great. but no showers. monday into wednesday of next week, we start warming you up before another storm system comes through. looks like late wednesday into thursday, overall, though, staying pretty steady. >> thank you. >> sounds good. up next, the oakland a's take another step in their bid to move to the south bay. but they're not packing their suitcases just yet. we'll explain.
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welcome back, everybody. this morning, the oakland athletics moving one step closer to relocating down to the south bay. the "l.a. times" reporting the commissioner's office has given the organization tentative guidelines for the potential move. as of now, it's unclear what specifically is being laid out in those guidelines. but if the organization can satisfy them, commissioner bud selig could let club owners vote on it. the article points out this does not guarantee anything that the a's will be moving to san jose anytime soon or at all, for that matter. a major hurdle here, the giants own territorial rights in the south bay and they are against a move by the a's. meantime, a top oakland city official apologizing to lou wolf this morning. she mistakenly accused wolf of releasing a letter about his wish for a short-term lease in oakland to the media.
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but it was not true. after being told of the claim, wolf fired off an e-mail saying, quote, it is very sad when someone is devoted to harm someone else's reputation. yesterday, santana apologized for the mistake, calling it human error. you can call it a building boom in one south bay city that's promising to bring with it more housing, more jobs and more money. the mayor of santa clara says his city is in the middle of of construction projects. you can add chipmaker nvidia to the list. buildings along the expressway will make way for the company's new headquarters. all the projects means thousands of new jobs in the south bay. >> with every new project coming in like nvidia, makes me more confident every day. the best of our days to come. and we'll be able to add services back.
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>> that's what city leaders would love to see, more jobs attracting more people, which means more tax dollars going back to santa clara. up next, giants invade lake tahoe and we're not talking the world champions. we'll explain coming up.
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i know this sounds a little bit strange, but monster-sized goldfish up to a foot and a half long being pulled from lake tahoe in what biologists are calling a case of aquarium dumping. >> the bright orange fish are the same species that are sold in stores. they're feared to be multiplying in the waters and biologists are worried. they say the fish eat and excrete nutrients which stimulate algae growth and the problem comes from the fact that algae could be devastating to the lake's eco system. that's not good. but that's amazing. >> what are they on fish growth hormones? >> when your parents say, you
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can't feed all the food to the fish -- >> they're feeding those fish t-bone steaks or something. >> thank you for joining us.
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